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The following artists have received Individual Photographer's Fellowship grants since the program's inception in 1991.

If you are a previous IPF recipient, we want to keep in touch with you. Please include us on your permanent mailing list. A collection of work by IPF grant winners is also on file at the Center for Creative Photography. If you did not donate a work in your grant year, but wish to be included in this collection, please let us know.

Note: Guest judges' names are listed starting in 2004. Where "No Recipients" is listed, the grant was offered but the judges determined that no body of work met the standards of previous years' recipients or the award generally. Finances did not permit us to offer the grant in 2002, 2003 and 2006.

— 2013—————————————

Michelle Frankfurter, Takoma Park, MD
Wayne Lawrence, Brooklyn, NY
Joshua Lutz, Katonah, NY
Justin Maxon, Eureka, CA
Jenny Riffle, Seattle, WA
Sasha Rudensky, New Haven, CT

Natalie Matutschovsky, Senior Photo Editor, TIME
Andrew Moore, internationally-recognized fine art photographer and instructor
Tim Wride, William & Sarah Ross Soter Curator of Photography, Norton Museum of Art

— 2012—————————————

George Awde, Westwood, MA
Steven Brahms, Brooklyn, NY
Dina Kantor, Brooklyn, NY
Sara Macel, Brooklyn, NY
Pacifico Silano, Brooklyn, NY

Phong Bui, visual artist and publisher of The Brooklyn Rail
Katherine Bussard, Assistant Curator of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago
Marvin Heiferman, independent curator and writer

— 2011—————————————

Matt Eich, Norfolk, VA
Lisa Elmaleh, Brooklyn, NY
Brigitte Grignet, New York, NY
Chris Jordan, Seattle, WA
Justin Kimball, Florence, MA

Susan Bright, Independent Curator and Writer
Alexa Dilworth, Publishing Director/Editor, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
Jamie Wellford, Senior Photo Editor, Newsweek

— 2010—————————————

Lilyan Aloma, New York, NY
Alex Fradkin, Richmond, CA
Christoph Gielen, New York, NY
Ashley Gilbertson, New York, NY
Victoria Sambunaris, New York, NY

Stacey Clarkson, Art Director, Harpers Magazine
Gus Powell, Photographer
Bonnie Yochelson, Art Historian, Independent Curator specializing in Photography

— 2008-09—————————————

Juliana Beasley, Jersey City, NJ
Eric Gottesman, Cambridge, MA
Deana Lawson, Brooklyn, NY
Andrew Miksys, Seattle, WA
Oliver Nowak, Elmhurst, NY
Lori Waselchuk, Baton Rouge, LA

Mia Fineman, Curator of Photography, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Robert Pledge, President and Editorial Director, Contact Press Images
Lyle Rexer, Independent Writer and Critic

— 2007—————————————

Hannah Smith Allen, Brooklyn, NY
Victor Cobo, San Rafael, CA
Jon Edwards, South Freeport, ME
Jason Horowitz, Arlington, VA
Sally Grizzell Larson, Collegeville, PA
Penelope Umbrico, Brooklyn, NY

David Levi Strauss Chair, MFA Art Criticism & Writing, School of Visual Arts
Katherine Ware, Curator of Photographs, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Randy West, Director of Operations, MFA Photography, Video & Related Media, School of Visual Arts

— 2005—————————————

Tracey Baran, Brooklyn, NY
Gregory Halpern, Buffalo, NY
Ethan Levitas, Brooklyn, NY
Nicholas Prior, New York, NY
Randy West, New York, NY

Elisabeth Biondi, Critic, The New Yorker
Charlotte Cotton, Director of Cultural Programs, Art + Commerce
Jeff Rosenheim, Associate Curator, Photography, Metropolitan Museum of Art

— 2004—————————————

Kevin Cooley, Brooklyn, NY
Simone Lueck, San Diego, CA
Paula McCartney, Interlochen, MI
Abby Robinson, New York, NY
Matt Siber, Chicago, IL
Bill Sullivan, New York, NY
Anton Young, Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Blessing, Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, New York Times Magazine
Rick Woodward, Cultural Journalist
Charles H. Traub, President, Aaron Siskind Foundation; Chair, MFA Photography, School of Visual Arts

— 2001—————————————

Meredith Allen, Brooklyn, NY
Jill E. Baroff, Brooklyn, NY
Julia Cowing, New York, NY
Stuart Hawkins, New York, NY

— 2000 —————————————

Melonie Bennett, Gorham, ME
Kristin Capp, New York, NY
Liz Deschenes, New York, NY
Sharon Harper, New York, NY
Diana Kingsley, New York, NY
John Schlesinger, Philadelphia, PA

— 1999 —————————————

  No recipients

— 1998 —————————————

Bill McDowell, Commerce, TX
J. John Priola, San Fransisco, CA
Marina Berio, New York, NY
Bibi Calderaro, New York, NY
Beuford Smith, Brooklyn, NY
Sylvia De Swaan, Utica, NY

— 1997 —————————————

Heike Bartels, Brooklyn, NY
Karl Ciesluk, Ottawa, Ontario
Melanie Einzig, Brooklyn, NY
James Friedman, Columbus, Ohio
Robert ParkeHarrison, Worcester, MA
Patrick Nagatani, Albuquerque, NM

— 1996 —————————————

Bobby Neel Adams, Brooklyn, NY
Jed Devine, Brooklyn, NY
Deanna Dikeman, Columbia, MO
Kathleen Fay, New Rochelle, NY
Young Heuok Jung, New York, NY
Stephen Marc, Chicago, IL
Adrienne Urbanski, Brooklyn, NY
Robert Yager, Los Angeles, CA
Jody Zellen, Santa Monica, CA

— 1995 —————————————

Adam Baer, Greenwich, CT
Valorie Fisher, Brooklyn, NY
Randolph Graff, New York, NY
Jon Kline, New York, NY
Sarah Prudhomme, Brooklyn, NY
Catherine Wagner, San Fransisco, CA
Edie Winograde, New York, NY

— 1994 —————————————

Stacey Greene, Brooklyn, NY
Bill Jacobson, New York, NY
Ron Jude, Atlanta, GA
Robert Kos, Santa Clarita, CA
Michelle Luke, Whitefish, Montana
Juliet Stelzmann, San Fransisco, CA

— 1993 —————————————

Christopher Giglio, Philadelphia, PA
Kim Kirkpatrick, Silver Spring, MD
Frank Majore, New York, NY

— 1992 —————————————

Kristina Colovic, New York, NY
Lucinda Devlin, New Paltz, NY
Sandi Fellman, New York, NY
Stephen Frailey, New York, NY
William Larson, Collegeville, PA
Dinh Q. Le, Brooklyn, NY
Tia Magallon, New York, NY
Andrea Modica, Oneonta, NY
Joyce Neimanas, Los Angeles, CA
Jose Quintana, San Fransisco, CA
John Schlesinger, Brooklyn, NY

— 1991 —————————————

Christopher Burnett, Charlestown, MA
Gregory Crewdson, Brooklyn, NY
Christopher Giglio, Philadelphia, PA
Debra Goldman, Stone Ridge, NY
Linda Adele Goodine, Indianapolis, IN
Amy Jenkins, New York, NY
Tom Klem, New York, NY
Jeff Mermelstein, New York, NY
Barbara Norfleet, Cambridge, MA
Joan Rudolph, Brooklyn, NY
Melanie Walker, Lexington, KY