Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I’m in school now, but will graduate before the submission deadline. Can I still enter?
A. Yes, you are eligible to enter after you have your diploma in hand.

Q. I’m in a doctoral degree program. Am I eligible to enter?
A. Please contact us! Anyone in undergraduate or graduate degree programs is not currently eligible to submit work for consideration, but doctoral candidates can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Q. I’m entering a degree-seeking program this fall, but am not currently enrolled in classes. Am I eligible to enter?
A. If you have been accepted into a degree program, you are not eligible to submit your work for consideration until you have graduated and have your degree in hand.

Q. Can I submit my work if I have a visa that allows me to live and work in the US, even though I am not a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident?
A. Only US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents are eligible to enter to win a grant.

Q. My current project spans many years, but I’m still working on it. Does this qualify as “recent” work?
A. The ASF defines “recent work” as ongoing projects, or projects completed within the past 5 years. If your project started decades ago, but you’re still actively working on it, it is eligible for submission.

Q. Is my installation-based / found imagery / mixed media work eligible to submit for consideration?
A. Yes! Any work that uses still photographic techniques is eligible for entry. Only film, moving image, or interactive media work without a visual component is ineligible.

Q. I’m a US Citizen living abroad. Do I qualify for entry?
A. If you maintain a US street address (not a PO Box) and spend at least half of the year in the US, you are eligible to submit work for consideration. Citizens who live and/or work abroad full-time are not eligible to enter at this time.

Q. I’ll be 21 the day after the submission deadline. Can I still submit work?
A. All entrants must be 21 years of age before the submission deadline, but happy birthday, and we look forward to reviewing your work next year!


Q. Can I submit more than one body of work?
A. At this time, we are only accepting one submission per person. If you are part of a team of collaborators, that entry counts for each member of the collaboration.

Q. Can I enter with the same body of work I submitted in a previous year?
A. Yes! As the panel of judges changes every year, there should be no concern that the judges will recognize work submitted in previous years.

Q. Do my files have to be named a certain way?
A. All we ask is that you enter the Title, Dimensions, Year, and a short Description for each image submitted. What you call each image is up to you - we do not require that you label or title images a specific way.

Q. How will the images be displayed for the panel of judges?
A. The images will be projected, one by one, in the order they are submitted.

Q. Should my artist statement include a proposal for plans for the grant?
A. The ASF IPF grant is unique in that it is a grant based on past work to be used for furthering your artistic pursuits, rather than a specific proposal for future work. Therefore, your artist statement should be about the works submitted.

Q. I work in diptychs, triptychs, or other multiples – how should I submit my images?
A. Please submit a diptych or triptych in one image file, so that all pieces of the work can be viewed at once.

Grant administration

Q. Are the judges different every year?
A. Yes, the panel of judges is different each year, and each member is selected for his or her expertise and notability in the field.

Q. When will I hear about the results of the grant?
A. We endeavor to finalize the process and announce the winners of each year's grant to all entrants and to the public before the end of the summer.

Q. Why don’t you announce the panel judges before the winners are announced?
A. In order to discourage any contact between applicants and panel judges, the judges’ names are not announced until the grant proceedings are over.

Q. Why do a lot of the grant recipients seem to be from New York?
A. Panel judges do not see the location of any applicant. Due to the very large number of people in the photography community in New York City, that area generally has a proportionally larger number of entrants than any other one metropolitan area. Therefore, in some years, the proportion of winners has skewed to people from that area, but any US Citizen or Legal Resident living anywhere in the US is eligible to enter to win one of the grants. Spread the word in your community!

Q. Do photographers retain exclusive rights to the work submitted to the grant?
A. Yes, absolutely! The winning images may be used on our website or social media for promotion, but will never be printed or used for profit, and you retain all rights to do whatever you want with your photographs.